Small is Beautiful!

Yes, we are small. Yes there are only two of us.

However, when you use EPIC Regen*, you can be assured that the only people you see are the ones that will deliver the solution you require.  We guarantee that you will never receive a quote, presentation or response to tender that is fronted by Directors and senior staff (charged at their daily rate, naturally) but actually delivered by junior staff or interns…

Staying small means that we can guarantee you a bespoke service that meets your needs – and we’re happy to take as much time as it needs to make sure we identify and assess these with accuracy and care.

Staying small means we can ensure the design and delivery of our work programme is undertaken with absolute attention to detail, and with awesome quality control supervised by our in-house PRINCE2 guru, following company policies that are in accordance with ISO 9001 principles.

We don’t believe there is such a thing as an “off-the-shelf” or “company standard” report – and, trust us, we’ve seen plenty of these gathering dust on client shelves over the years.

We prefer to use Plain English where possible; we’re big fans of a concise and pithy Executive Summary; and, as a matter of principle, our recommendations are always SMART and accompanied by an action plan that we believe your organisation can implement.

But best of all, staying small means that you get more bang for your buck, as our fees don’t have to cover:

  • Fancy offices in pricey city centre locations
  • The salaries of researchers, secretaries, or junior staff who can’t be charged out in their own right
  • Company cars and parking spaces
  • Expensive executive toys (sorry, “essential IT”) and the latest must-have office equipment

EPIC Regen : Big enough to cope, small enough to care…

* Because EPIC Regeneration Consultants Ltd is a bit of a mouthful…